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You may have seen that the news section of is not up-to-date ...more

Field work 2012 finished

31 October 2012
After a successful China field season this April, a very successful expedition to ...more

Greenland expedition starts tomorrow

10 July 2012

Everything is set now for our expedition and excavation in Jameson Land, East Greenland. ...more

New excavations this summer!

4 June 2012

This is the first update since a long, busy time.

In April 2012, we ...more

DINOSAURHUNTER.ORG starts at youtube!

22 September 2011
First upload: a time-lapse movie of our rock saw test in Berlin. ...more

General News Update

05 September 2011
Since August I am the acting curator for fossil vertebrates at the Natural ...more

Plans for 2011

04 January 2011
Another year has just begun and it looks good for more excavation work! ...more

Fieldwork in China starts today

04 October 2010
In a few hours I will leave to Xinjiang in NW ...more

Photo Blog About Our Current Excavation

31 July 2010
A frequently updated version of my photo blog of our current ...more

Turpan Basin, here we come again!

18 July 2010
I am happy to announce that our Sino-German cooperation will ...more

Dinosaur trackway excavation starting soon!

18 June 2010
Today I got the OK for leading the continuation of the successful ...more

Excavations this summer?

10 June 2010
It is still unclear if I will be able to continue the dinosaur trackway ...more

New excavation in M√ľnchehagen

10 August 2009
Last week I have started a three months position at the Dinosaurier-Park M√ľnchehagen ...more

Fieldwork Update

13 May 2009
Our fieldwork near Shanshan, Xinjiang, China was over all too soon. As last year, ...more

Next China fieldwork approaching

1 April 2009
Tomorrow I will leave again with my team of seven scientists and students ...more

Plans for 2009

6 January 2009
Several field activities are planned for 2009. We are starting in April 2009 with ...more

Field work photographs

14 May 2008
I have uploaded a few photos of our recent China excavation – enjoy! ...more

Field work update

13 May 2008
Our recent field work in the Turpan Basin in NW China was a full ...more

Website improvements

11 February 2008
Finally I found the time for some improvements to the website:

* A ...more

Back in the office

6 November 2007
After almost five weeks in China, the SVP meeting in Austin/Texas, and quite ...more

Field work in China

29 August 2007
Tomorrow I will leave again for our regular field work in ...more