Field work in China

29 August 2007
Tomorrow I will leave again for our regular field work in Jurassic sediments of Xinjiang Province, China. Since the problems with our excavation permits have been solved now, we hope for a successful field season, including mainly screen washing and prospecting duties.
The excavation team consist this time of five Germans (Heiner Mallison, Rico Schellhorn, Ben Thuy, Sebastian Marpmann, and myself) and a Swiss: the famous Kirby Siber is coming along and I am sure that his lifelong experience on finding important vertebrate fossils will bring us luck.

For the first few days, Heiner, Rico and I will attend the "International symposium for Sino-German cooperation on geology and environmental changes in northern China" in Urumqi, including some field trips where the Chinese dinosaur specialist Dong Zhi-Ming will show us some potentially interesting new excavation sites. 

If I have internet access, I will try and upload a few field photos.
So cross your fingers and stay tuned,