Back in the office

6 November 2007
After almost five weeks in China, the SVP meeting in Austin/Texas, and quite a bit of travelling in Germany and Switzerland, I am finally back in my office in Tübingen. The Sino-German symposium in Urumqi was inspiring and the following field work in the Junggar Basin and the Turfan Basin was quite successful: we screen-washed some 500 kg of sediment with microvertebrate remains and we discovered a spectacular new site in the Turfan Basin – I will probably present more details about our new finds soon!

The SVP-Meeting was stimulating too – and I finally had the opportunity to talk about the gigantic and interesting mamenchisaur bone material we found in April 2006 – see my SVP abstract for more details ;-)

Anyhow, I need to start now working on the backlog on my desk and hope to finish some papers about my China project before this year ends…