New excavations this summer!

4 June 2012

This is the first update since a long, busy time.

In April 2012, we have been in China again to finally continue the excavation of our giant sauropod “Karl der Grosse”. Our fieldwork was quite successful, we exposed the vertebral column from the last cervicals to the first caudals (and still continuing…), we also have the left hindlimb and most of the pelvic girdle uncovered so far. I hope to upload some video footage about this spectacular fossil soon.

But there are also two other exciting excavations coming up this summer:

1. I will join in a Danish team to excavate Triassic dinosaur bones and footprints in Jameson Land, East Greenland in July.
There will be a live diary from that dig at:

2. We start a new dig for the fascinating dwarfed dinosaur Europasaurus in Northern Germany in August and September. AND YOU MAY PARTICIPATE!
More Info: here.