Russia - Kotelnich

This is the only excavation in my list where participation actually costs money. A week at the dig costs about 100 Euro or 100 US Dollar. The Russian scientists use all the money to run the dig and you are usually asked to buy badly needed equipment (drills, chisels, etc.) in your home country and bring it along for the dig. I believe this is a fair deal, because all your money helps to cover the costs of an unique dig.
You can be picked up at the airport in Moscow and they will join you during the journey with the Transcyberian Railway to the excavation site some 1000 km away. The dig is in Permian sediments and concentrates on well-preserved mammal-like reptiles (therapsids). Most of the finds are beautiful articulated skeletons.




The homepage of the museum with lots of pictures and information in English:

Read more information and the dig experiences of some German geology students (in German):