Portugal - Lourinhã

The Late Jurassic alluvial fan deposits forming the spectacular cliffs near Lourinhã in Portugal are possibly the best place in Europe to look for dinosaur fossils! Octávio Mateus runs an annual dig for mostly three month every year. You can usually sleep in his parents house (bring your own sleeping bag) and get a warm meal every day for free. There are mostly Portuguese students on this dig, who will give you a great insight in the live style of the Portuguese youth.

The dig website is: http://www.museulourinha.org/en/voluntariado.htm




Octávio Mateus
GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luis de Moura
2530 157 Lourinhã
Phone: +35 1 261413995
Email: omateus@dinocasts.com