About me

This section contains personal information.

I am a geologist with a doctorate in vertebrate paleontology and I am available for hire not only as excavation manager, but also as researcher, scientific consultant, museum worker, exhibition planner, editor, and author. Please have a look at my CV if you are interested in my qualifications.

I have been excavating dinosaurs on five continents and under most variable conditions. My special research topics are Jurassic vertebrates, gastroliths, vertebrate taphonomy, dinosaur trackways, and bone diagenesis. Since 2005, one of my main interests are Jurassic vertebrates from Central Asia. A number of field seasons in Xinjiang have produced several spectacular finds.

Currently, I am head of the Europasaurus-Project at the Lower Saxon State Museum in Hannover where I work on the Late Jurassic vertebrate assemblage of the Langenberg Quarry in Oker, Lower Saxony, Germany. This project is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and involves excavation work at the original site of the dwarfed sauropod Europasaurus.