China - Xinjiang Province

The northwestern part of China is rich in Mesozoic vertebrate fossils including dinosaurs. A long-term cooperation between the Institute of Geosciences of the University of Tübingen/Germany, the Steinmann Institute of the University of Bonn, the Jilin University in Changchun, and the Geological Surveying Institution in Urumqui results in field work in the Junggar Basin and the Turpan Basin.



Currently, there is no scheduled excavation. We hope we can continue our fieldwork in Xinjiang with a new grant in 2016. It is likely that the team is already full and I usually take only applicants which I know from other joined excavation work. However, if you are interested in working with us, please send your application including CV and Coverletter to me. Depending on your experience and our budget, we might be able to cover your flight costs and all living costs in China.

Here is a German web diary for the excavation in April 2006: